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My Track, no only provides a application Live Tracking - monitoring / remote fleet management for your company's vechiles, also specializes in applications so you have Live Tracking for racing and Events, as it has for sale and rent tracker devices, but also has a large number of GPS trackers, SIM data cards data , special software and specialized personnel for a race or event where there are many contestants / participants with any kind of vehicle . Since 2011 , we have a excellent working cooperation with clubs and entities that organize races and events, not only in Greece but also world wide.

You can contact us for any questions or special requirements that you might need to track every kind of event or race, throught the following contacts:
Dimitris Athanasoulopoulos - info@mytrack.gr
Spiros Kaladelfos - sales@mytrack.gr
Kostas Hatzigiannakis - support@mytrack.gr

Himarras 59 , TK 10444 , Athens
Tel : +306984643643
Fax: +302105127532